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2018 17:01:57 ET Week’s Dividend Payment This list includes payouts what is bitcoin mining eli5 common stocks. How Batteries Will Change the Power Business Lower costs for wind and solar plus advances in battery storage are upending the electricity business.

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Are Value Stocks Ready to Grow Again? The past decade has been rough on value stocks, but these bargains may soon start to shine again. Here’s what the best managers are buying. Facebook and Apple Embody New Tech Divide Investors talk about the FAANG stocks, but their business models are fundamentally different. How Trade Tensions Will Test Companies and Investors It’s not just the direct impact on targeted goods. Uncertainty over tariffs may cause businesses to delay or change spending and hiring plans.

AI: Coming to a Portfolio Near You Fund shops and other financial firms are in a race to use artificial intelligence to improve their stock-picking, provide better guidance for customers, and save money in the process. What managing your money will look like in the not so distant future. Machine: How Has Indexing Changed the Market? Right at this very second, the largest transfer of wealth in the history of humanity is underway. It has been going on since 2009, but it’s really picked up speed in the last 6 months.

A couple of days ago, I wrote a detailed post on RVF explaining Bitcoin in layman’s terms. Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency, essentially money for the Internet. It is an open source Internet protocol, like HTTP. Bitcoin is pioneering the idea of a deflationary currency, something which has never been possible before in humanity’s history. Gold and silver come close, but not all of it has been dug out of the ground yet. The only two possibilities for Bitcoin are that its value goes to zero, or increases. Unlike gold and silver, Bitcoin can be essentially perfectly subdivided, and transmitted anywhere on the planet for almost nothing between any two parties with an Internet connection.